The Trials of our Father

After days on the road we finally reached safe haven. That house seemed odd right from the start. Mr. Jenkins, the slaves, the decorations, everything seemed not quite in place. Tiadora lead us to Cardinal Adrastus Thorn, the one that provided the help to escape from Brandescar. He is the last high priest of Asmodeus in Talingarde and Tiadora is his acolyte. He saved us in order to become the new pillars of Asmodeus in the kingdom and destroy all those that worship Mitra. We all agreed to become a part of that, as we all had seen the might of Asmodeus.

After three days of preparations, we were ready for the trials that would prove us worthy of becoming members of the knot. Nine trials, as many as the levels of Hell, were needed. Tiadora showed us the way to the basement of the house, where she told us to find Thorn’s necklace within one day. The trials were out of this world. Neerja was the first one to die, as she was the youngest one and the most fragile, to a horrific vampire mist.

After that, I came close to death as well from two mithril cobras, but Count and Jace passed the trial using their wits. We rested there, to muster our strength and keep going. Even that dog, Blackerly was down there, where he met the doom he deserved so long ago. Count though, although he was powerful and smart, died too from a draugr, during the eighth challenge… The final challenge was against Sir Balin of Karfeld, a knight of Alerion and famous witch hunter that Tiadora and Thorn had imprisoned in there. He was the one holding the necklace that we needed to prove ourselves. He almost killed me, but Jace got him using his bow.

After these unhuman trials, after we lost half of our group and two allies, we returned to Thorn, who told us that only the powerful would live and the weak would perish from these trials. We were deemed worth of Asmodeus’ power and our proper training would begin. Despite what he said, he brought Neerja and Count back to life, although we don’t know what he did to them that night. They seemed… different after that.

The training was hard and sometimes exhausting. I tried to make contact with our father, Asmodeus, and I felt his strength inside me. I reached new levels of power after that. After three months I could see in darkness, like the rest of my allies, something that a human wouldn’t be able to do without using magic!

The final day of our training, the ceremony to forge the Nessian Knot was held. We all signed our contracts with Asmodeus and Thorn using our own blood. He summoned a demon using a human sacrifice and after that he killed him. Using his blood, he announced us members of the Knot.

Beware imposters! The Phantom Troupe is coming to deliver justice and cover Talingarde in DARKNESS!

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The Trials of our Father

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