Knot of Blood

I am the Master Tactician but Cardinal seems to be quite good too…. Nine trials for Nine Hells… And we were not prepared….
I did nearly everything for us to survive, I showed me resolution and eagerness to sacrifice myself for my cause, to protect my flock! Still, it was not enough, I utterly failed once more.

After my fall, I achieved what I was trying to achieve through studying without success. I finally managed to become one with negative energy plane that empowers my new existence.

I got used to its essence and discovered my strengths and weaknesses.
Moonlight was lighting my face during Cardinal’s ritual, black candles were burning….
Sodomy, pestilence, torture and bloodshed is what I’ll bring from my past of betrayal.

The words are pronounced,
My tomb is now open to allow my awake …
’Cause I am the Prince of Sorrow,
’Cause I am the Bringer of Pain
While gothic portals of sadness
Call my unpronounceable name….

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Knot of Blood

Way of the Wicked Shaden