Forsaken but not Forgotten

It has been a couple of days’ peace and quiet, then we were called to arms, again. This benefactor was, in fact, keen on turning us into instruments of his wrath upon the kingdom. I haven’t yet figured out how, or why he chose us. He requested we face nine trials in total, and we succeeded, yet not all of us saw the task to the end.

As I preyed upon the man who captured me, I realized that the Cardinal sought to fanatize us. Promise of sweet revenge and power is his way to get through to us. Yet as Sir Balin drew his last breath, I felt nothing. Needle in a haystack, I had much grander things in sight. This is merely the prologue of my tale.

For better or worse, after some training, the Cardinal decided to bind us to his service. I was uncertain whether this opportunity will bring my own ambitions into fruition, yet I realized my actions would not go in vain. The Lord of Nessus seeks capable followers. I care little for this piece of land, I would gladly hand it over to Him in exchange for power, the means to right all that is wrong.

The blood of the fiend bound the Knot together, the ninth Knot. Fitting, as ours is a bloody path. Trained to be executioners, bringers of demise and widowmakers, we would embark on our first real mission. We survived, now is the time to thrive.

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Forsaken but not Forgotten

Way of the Wicked Shaden